Jeremy Tipton

Director of Games, Merchandising, and IT

Jeremy Tipton, a Gray, TN native, has spent his entire life in the area. After graduating from Daniel Boone High School, he attended East Tennessee State University, where he developed a deep love for the ETSU Buccaneers. Tipton started his career at FACE Amusement as a warehouse worker, but he quickly moved up the ranks. While in college, he had his own route, and after graduation, he became the purchaser for FACE Amusement’s route operations. Tipton then became the Route Manager, responsible for all of the routes.

As FACE Amusement grew, Tipton was promoted to Amusement Director, where he oversaw all of the company’s locations in Pigeon Forge, Orlando, and Branson until 2020. In that year, Tipton’s role evolved into the Director of Operations for Games, Merchandise, and IT Department. His journey at FACE Amusement has been a remarkable one, and he’s excited to see what the future holds.

Outside of work, Tipton’s hobbies include spending quality time with his family, playing golf (or trying to), watching sports of any kind, and cheering on his son as he plays various sports. Tipton is also a devoted Dallas Cowboys fan, despite knowing it may not be a popular choice. He has been married to his wife Clanci for over 10 years, and they have two children, Gatlin and Emersyn.