Clarence Mabe

Founder and Head Coach

In 1978 Coach Clarence Mabe of Gray, Tennessee, noticed that his student-athletes were becoming fascinated with an exciting new phenomenon – video games. Clarence saw an opportunity and purchased his first video game system, Space Invaders, and placed it in a friend’s convenience store.

Shortly after buying Space Invaders Clarence purchased a Skee-Ball machine to add to his collection and S&M Amusements was born. Clarence became a pioneer of claw cranes, being only the second person in the United States to own one of the machines. One claw crane quickly became one hundred, and Clarence quickly grew S&M Amusements into one of the largest crane machine route businesses in the country.

In 1987 Clarence bought Rockin’ Raceway, his first family entertainment center (FEC). It was at Rockin’ Raceway that Clarence laid the foundation for the values that continue throughout FACE today: Faith, Attitude, Consistency, and Excellence. In 2013 Clarence’s two younger sons, Bucky and Rusty, joined forces with their father and Mark Larkey to create FACE Amusement.

S&M Amusement continues today as a route business while FACE Amusement continues to grow by leaps and bounds with new boutique arcades and attractions across the county. Clarence continues to direct the routes business and offers assistance and support to the FEC side of FACE Amusement. Ever the innovator, Clarence has created his own arcade games over the years, such as Toss ‘Em, Alley Cat, and Basket Fever.

Clarence believes in giving back to those less fortunate and has made doing so an important priority for FACE. The FACE Bear Hugs program was born from that generosity, as well as the annual STAR Christmas event. Clarence personally participates in a number of charities and organizations that give back to the community and support the youth.

When not working, Clarence is an avid tennis player and philanthropist. He loves cheering on the East Tennessee State University Buccaneers with his wife, Cookie, and their large group of lifelong friends. His greatest joy in life comes from his grandchildren, whom he continues to coach and teach into becoming the next generation of FACE Amusement leaders.