Bucky Mabe

Chief Executive Officer

Born and raised in Gray – a suburb of Johnson City, Tennessee – Bucky grew up in a fun family environment. He was taught at a young age by his father, Coach Clarence Mabe, to be a risk-taker and inherited his entrepreneurial spirit. Coach Mabe offered Bucky his first job at $10.00 an hour; but, Bucky turned down the offer. Instead, Bucky started his own business mowing lawns and quickly discovered he loved – like his father – working for himself.

Once he saw he had the ability to turn a profit on his own, Bucky’s visionary abilities began when he was a junior in high school. Bucky and his business partner, Mark, started a games route business named B&M. When not in school, Bucky and Mark managed the routes located in grocery, convenience stores, and truck stops. Their routes extended from Tennessee to Western Kentucky, and Missouri to Florida.

In 2001, Bucky graduated from East Tennessee State University with a major in Finance and he and Mark hit the ground running with the ideas and vision that Bucky had been dreaming of. He and Mark paired up with Coach Mabe and they formed S&M Amusements. Bucky had the vision to not only provide the games but to operate them as well. He recognized there was more than just entering a video arcade and playing a video game. The opportunity existed to create lasting memories. In 2005, his love of the games and family came together with their first owned and operated Video Arcade, Rockin’ Raceway in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. With this opening, Bucky and Mark dedicated their time to learn operations with the vision of becoming a family entertainment center where all ages can have a FUN experience. The company has since expanded into Florida and Missouri.

With the evolution of business and technology, Bucky had a vision for taking the company to the next level. They rebranded to FACE (Faith, Attitude, Consistency, and Excellence). Not only are these the core values they deliver to each guest; but, what they look for in each employee, as well. Bucky is diligent and focused on delivering the best experience for all of their guests which is why he believes in the brand promise – FUN guaranteed.

Bucky and his wife have three children and are very involved with games, sports, and the community.