Something They’ll Always Remember

At FACE Amusement we strive to give guests an unforgettable experience. This along with our core values is what drives our attention to detail and care for our guests. S.T.A.R stands for something they’ll always remember. We have broken this down into 5 unique touchpoints that you have with your guests.

The attract

This is the guests first experience with our brand. Whether it is through an appealing façade, marketing campaigns, social proof sites and word of mouth, this is the moment that the guests decided to give you their time.

The Connection

This is the welcome that the guest receives the moment they enter the facility. A warm friendly greeting, dazzling lights, and a cotton candy scent in the air.

The Focus

This is the service or product that you are providing to the guest. Whether that is at an arcade, serving food, riding the coaster, or whatever the guest may experience while they are with you.

The Finale

This is what the guest goes through as they leave. This is an opportunity for them to purchase any retail items, redeem their points, or buy photos.

The Appreciation

This is the follow-up with the guest. We want to thank them for their time that they spent with us. You can do this through a loyalty program, emails, and through a sincere thank you as they leave.

Whether it is through consultation, seminars, or a more in depth approach we want to help you succeed. We offer training for everyone, from new hires to the executive team. This training is based on our proven operational strategies that has created a better customer experience. Contact us at to find out how we can help you and your company make the most of the guest experience.