80's photo contest

The 80’s want their clothes back

Nostalgia is in the air, can you smell it? Arcade City is running a fun, throwback photo contest! Share your photos at the arcade with vintage filters. Our winner will win a $100 play card to use at Arcade City. So why the “vintage” theme you might ask? Everywhere you look there is something that reminds you of your childhood. Tv shows t are set in the 80s like. Stranger Things(AKA our latest obsession), and the revival of childhood favorites have us craving “the good ole days”.

Arcade City stirs up memories you may have had as a kid, but with a new, modern twist. That’s why people love coming over and over again. WIth all of this buzz around nostalgia, we wanted to run a fun campaign that had people feeling sentimental about their childhood. Arcade City is known for the VIP prizes, ranging from Super Nintendo’s, Collector Comic Books, even Polaroid cameras! So share your photos with the hashtag #FACEthefun and maybe you’ll be the winner of that $100 play card!